Friday, July 04, 2008

Sports Action: Aviva Badminton Open

JUNE 13-15, 2008
Singapore Indoor Stadium

Jubilation in Victory, Sadness in Defeat

The Malaysian pair won over the Chinese pair. Xie Zhongbo (China) shown in the picture with his head bowed.

Joachim Persson in Action

My Canon 350D is not fast enough for sports photography but I got lucky and got a clear shot of Persson (above) hitting an overhead shot. I was so envious of the faster cameras the Pros were using. One click and their shutters would fire away like machine guns! But my new lens (Sigma OS 18-200mm) came in handy as I was shooting from the stands. How can I get better shots?


Simon Santoso is Indonesia's up and coming badminton star. At 22 years old, he is already one of Indonesia's best hopes for an olympic medal in Beijing. He was runner up at the Aviva Singapore Open 2008 starting off really well against Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, but the more experienced Chong Wei ran off with the match in the second set. His name is pronounced by his fans as SEH-MON as opposed to the more popular pronounciation of SAHY-MON. I like the way he plays! Hopefully I can see him more on TV so I can imitate his game ^^


brymac said...

indoor sports photography is one of the hardest to shoot. hi-iso and wide-aperture lenses rule this place. 2.8L@200mm might get you the shot, but with an 'ouch' price tag.

SUN JUN said...

hehehe ^^ maybe someday ^^ hihihi

thanks for the tip brymac.