Monday, July 14, 2008


May 2-5, 2008
Bangkok, Thailand

Here are pictures of lovely kittens! ... Nah, they're more like adult cats already. hehehe ^^ But ain't this picture lovely?! I found them lying around the ground, along the streets in the temples in Bangkok, where a lot of tourists actually pass by. I wonder how they can afford to be so calm and stress-free when anytime, an unsuspecting tourist with 10-inch shoes, or worst a girl in heels, could step on them anytime.

We used to have cats at our previous home, stray cats that is, but we never shoo them away. They keep the mice from coming and they don't hurt us anyway. They can be awesome playmates at times as well. I remember the first time I got hold of paint and brushes, I experimented it with them! I wanted them to look like Zebras so I tried painting stripes on their bodies. However, I regretted what I did the following day, as where the paint stripes were supposed to be were now replaced with bare skin. Apparently, the oil-based paint burnt the cats' furs away. I know it was cruel of me to do so, I've learned my lesson. After that, playing with them was reduced to chasing them across the balcony or trying to surprise them and scare them away. ^^ I also remember the day when our neighbor brought a dog home. And just like that, all the cats (more than 10 of them) were gone in an instant. hehehe (^O^)v

These pictures remind me of life in Davao, my hometown. Everything is just so calm, relax, and stress-free. That is the life I want for myself. I do want to be successful and to be financially free (having no debts, and having enough money where you don't have to worry about not having it for the future) and yet still live a peaceful, satisfying, grateful, stress-free , laid-back, simple, and happy life.


freeze said...

eww, i hate cats ;D

i wonder how people can pull-off a stress-free worklife and experience a luxurious lifestyle.

Sun Jun said...

yun nga, the key is it doesn't have to be luxurious (^ o -)v

but I bet it can still be luxurious. It's just a matter of priorities, I think.