Sunday, December 07, 2008

Decadent Chocolate Cake for November

Decadent Chocolate Cake for All November Celebrants!

Sorry for the super belated greetings ...
To Janey, Sonya, Anne, Wenjie, Charlene, Bunny, Ellie, Michael Jade, Achi, Carol, Tiff, Annabelle, Cindy, Jenny, Nelvin, Amina, Nove rei, Mymy, Mama, Jon, Grace, Ronoel, Paul, 5chim, Mayen, Ama, Richie, and Ruchi ...

Enjoy the cake ^^

(Made the cake myself but I'm not happy with texture of the cake yet. The frosting is really yummy though yum yum ... One of these days I'll share the recipe of this decadent chocolate cake here.)

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