Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday October!

October 2008
Davao City, Philippines

Happy Birthday to all October Celebrants!

October seems to be the month when most of my friends were born! Parents must be very active around January (^^;).

Happy Birthday Brian E, Mark Y., Arceline, Kenneth, Scarlett, Phillip dG, Marlon, Jon E., Kre, Guama, Ed G., Masanori, Sydney, Brad, Peter, Mindy, Marga, Dwight, Arvin, Romsil, Tomoko, Richie, Bing, Crazydigger, Garry, Shirley, Mark, Uncle Pepito, Debbie, Cole, Uncle Igi, Jason Rey, and Cating (sorry ha ^^)

If I missed your birthday, I'm so sorry. Please help me update my calendar and send me an email with your birthday (^o^)/ (I hope I can keep this up)

Picture: Multiple flamed candle over Brownies (Recipe will be posted on this site soon). Just set your camera to shutter speed priority and then set it in a speed that's not too fast but not too slow (will depend on the lighting available). For this I think I used 2"5 (^o^)/ Don't forget to blow the flame around while the shutter has not clicked yet.


marky said...

murag sa feb yata ga sugod steph.. :) so you know na unsay naa ana nga month... hehe:)

Sun Jun said...

mau ^^

kenneth said...

hahaha karon ra gyud ko kabasa balik sa imo blog steph... thanks :)