Friday, August 15, 2008

Waiting for the Perfect Love

June 2008
Safari World, Thailand

Everyone's waiting for that perfect love. Those who are smart enough look for it. I waited and waited but it never came ... the perfect heart shape that is. Stayed on the site for about an hour while waiting for our ride back to bangkok. I waited for these 2 Macaw birds to dock their heads and form a heart shape with their wings. That would have made a lovely picture. Nevertheless, the one I got on top is quite lovely as it is. Like love, it doesn't have to be perfect to be the right one. (^O-)v

And if you're not careful enough, a third party will be just right below you, ready to snatch your position in the branch. (^O^)/


Enrico Pangan said...

Those two birds look like they hate each other! Hehe.

Sun Jun said...


hehehe seems like it. they don't wanna look at each other. hehehe

freeze said...

come to think of it, the heads make a heart shape. hehe looks like you're still upto much about your trip to BKK.