Monday, July 28, 2008

Spot the T-Shirt

Photo Blog: Goofing Around in Thailand
(Bang Pa-In Summer Palace)

How did my shirt get up there?! (^O^)v

When a group of friends travel together, seldom do we see a group shot with everyone in the picture. In order to get one, one has to rely on the generosity of a stranger to take the picture for the group. Well, there was nobody passing by the bridge where we wanted our photo taken during that time and I didn't want to be left out in the picture and so I thought what a great idea it would be for the statue to be holding my shirt! Relaying this to my companions, they also thought that it would be great and I got challenged right off the bat. I'm not the kind to shy away and back off from these kind of challenges, and so I hastily took off my shirt, threw it in the statue's arms and took the photo of my friends, with the statue, holding my shirt, and a palace in the background.

It was a year ago when a friend and I made a pact to travel to Bangkok together. However, she was still working in Japan back then and I was stationed in Davao (Philippines) so it was quite hard to plan the trip. Then early summer this year, an NFF from business school expressed her plans of wanting to take a break from work and take a vacation with a friend returning from the US, in Bangkok. It so happened that my friend, who I made the pact with, was back from Japan as well. And so I asked if we could join her and her friend on this trip. She invigoratingly said "yes" and as we say the rest is history. (Planning it though was very difficult. We almost didn't get ticket reservations.)

During the trip, it was surprising to see that all of us just clicked! If you take a look at our pictures (set 1, set 2, set 3) you would think that we coordinated our outfits! First day we were all in yellows, matching the saffron robes of the Thai monks. Second day, half of us were in greens and the other half in whites. Third day, half of us in yellows and the other half in light blues. Fourth day, half of us in whites and the other half in greens! And add to the fact that we were switching T-shirt partners everyday! That was truly hilarious. Both of my friends, who didn't know each other before the trip, actually got along really well and were beginning to chat incessantly by the end of the trip. (Talking about me and my life, I suppose) And surprisingly too, I got along with my friend's friend especially when it comes to composing and taking pictures. We were both very particular with how we wanted our pictures taken to the ire of our companions! hehehe (^O^)v

Originally, I actually proposed to have the statue wear my shirt. That way it would really resemble me. However, i got scared considering that we were in a different country and a lot of security personnel were roaming the area. Who knows what punishments there are for disfiguring a statue right? (Not to mention being half naked in public! hahaha) (In another palace, The Grand Palace in Bangkok, a guard actually stopped me from climbing a balcony where I wanted my picture taken! But he didn't stop my friend who was just a couple of balconies away! Girls always get special treatment. Or was it just the powers of my friend at work? ... hmmmm)

Taking funny or "funky pictures", as we coin them, has definitely become an IN thing here in the Philippines. Even in serious events like weddings, funky pictures are in the mainstream already. It has become a necessity for my travels as well. Not only does it give variety and excitement to my pictures but more importantly it gives the group a moment of bonding and leaves us with a picture that "talks back" even after years to come.

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grab a gorillapod!

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that's a great find. I'll be getting one when payday comes hehehe