Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saffron Robes

Ayutthaya, Thailand
May 5, 2008

First picture is a beautiful painting being sold in a souvenir shop near Wat Pho. Since I couldn't afford it, I just took a photo of it and planned to have it printed.

Second shot is my take on the first photo. While walking along the ruins in Ayutthaya, I saw a group of monks walking away, since I didn't have that much time to spare I just snapped away whatever was infront of me. Post processed the photo using Fake HDR technique and applied the Orton effect, making it appear more like a painting, which I learned/heard from my friend Ken.


kenneth said...

nice one bai :) sa look pa lang murag naka achieve na ug nirvana ang mga monks hehehe

SUN JUN said...

thanks ken!