Monday, May 26, 2008

Bird's Nest

May 2008
At our garden, Davao City

On the start of the month, we noticed a bird building a nest by the tree closest to our terrace. We left it undisturbed so that it would push through with its plans of laying the eggs there and rearing its young.

First picture is how the nest looked a week ago. It got bigger and bigger as the days progressed and as strong winds challenged to rattle it off its branch. Our constant peeks and glances must have contributed to that as well. Although we didn't touch it or anything, it must have despised the extra attention. At one point, I tried feeding it earthworms! hihihi

Second picture, is the nest with the bird. If you look closely, you'll see a white triangular speck inside the hole. This is actually the mother bird's beak! It's the closest I could get, any closer, and she instantly flies off. This shot is again thanks to my new lens! ^^

Third picture, is the best I could take of the eggs inside the nest! Needed to use a flash to see the insides and it has to be angled in a certain way so the light is directed towards the hole.

And just earlier TODAY! When I checked the nest, there are baby birds already! whew! I can't wait to take their photos but I'm afraid that using a flash might affect their sight so I'm keeping away for now! whew! Using a flashlight as a light source might be a better idea. I'm still thinking of ways to do this better. I just hope I don't affect the growth of these baby birds in any way. I wonder how long it'll take for them to develop their wings and fly off ... :(

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