Sunday, October 21, 2007

Welding to the Future

October 2007
JIB Welding School, Davao City
Enrollment ongoing


freeze said...

ikaw ni?

SUN JUN said...


hehehe ^^ no,it's not me. These are actually pictures of 4 different pips ^^

My uncle asked me to take pictures of his students for Ad purposes. ^^

I think only M knows how to weld in our group ^^

freeze said...

oh yeah, with his custom made deadly ting-ting!

ic, i thought you're becoming the jack of all trade. haha

SUN JUN said...

hahaha ^^ wala pa ko balak mag welding hihihi

pero ok din program nila kasi may tie up with a company in australia.
so if they do good malaki chance nila maka abroad agad ^^