Saturday, April 14, 2007

April Sky

The 1st of April has long passed but the month has never ceased fooling around with me. Not only is my current employer making me laugh (in both senses of the phrase ^^), but my blog sites seem to be ganging up on me as well. If you’re looking for the usual picture blog entry, you can find it here (Morning Sky Over Davao).

April’s Start

On board the plane for Davao, I ponder on how to break the news to my parents. Just days before going back home, my mom and I had a pretty rough argument over the phone. We were arguing on what to do with my car when I would be away in Japan for 3 months. She wanted me to send the car back to Davao while I insisted that it stays in Cebu. She argued that the car’s battery will eventually get drained if unused for sometime (quite true!). The hard-headed me, of course, refused to listen to her and asked her to put the matter aside until I’m home (This is me putting what really happened lightly hehe). Well, that was a few days back, and now I had more interesting news to break to her. Suffice to say, it’s something that would completely make her forget about the car.

I was on the 5 am flight. With only 5 hours of sleep within a span of 2 days, I expected myself to be soundly asleep and maybe, at times, bursting an occasional snore here or there (^o^,). Strangely though, I was wide awake and found it hard to sleep. Switching my black iPod Nano to the soothing sounds of Kitaro’s Thinking of You album didn’t even help. Just then, I got to witness a regular day to day event made rare to me after regularly waking up late for the past 3 years, dawn breaking in. WoW!

(click the link)

Like that pretty site, my life has been close to perfect. Cruised through high school and college, landed a superb job right after graduation, currently earning more than enough to support myself (even with all my vices), experiencing what mother’s would call "the fruits of your labor" after years of listening to what they had to say. But before knowing it, fear has clamped on to me like a leech, draining me of what confidence I had of myself. Although uncontented and unhappy of the current management and structure in my company, I could not get myself to quit. I miss the me who was ready to take on the world anytime.

April 4 (Wednesday), the last working day before my scheduled business trip to Japan, surprisingly it wasn’t as hard to confront the president and say "I will not sign." In reference to the binding contract, coming from nowhere, which he presented to me only on that very day.

My mom greeted me at the door and my ever so chizmiz-oriented sister was quick to hint her of the news I was about to break. Before I could even put down my handcarry bag, my mom was asking already what it was all about. And so I said "The car can stay in Cebu. I’m not leaving for Japan anymore."

In connection to my refusal to sign the contract, the president has asked me to resign. Knowing this, my mom, and even more surprisingly, my dad tried encouraging me to take on the offer and sign. Their approval however encouraged me more to do othewise. Not for the purpose of rebelling against them but because I know that somehow they have been part of that fear. With their words, the leech seemed to have had its full and is now ready to uncling itself from me.

In a few days time I will be jobless! I am excited! ^^
I won’t be breaking the pattern of 3’s, so don’t worry just yet.

To my Mama, I say sorry.
(Because I have to sound good to my readers and friends! Hehehe. You know, of course, that this is just me trying to make you laugh right? ^^)


hoop said...

Whoa, are you moving sites? :D

SUN JUN said...

Hi hoop!

thanks for dropping a comment.
the site switching thing is just to promote my picture blog site hehe ^^ tot it would be cool! ^^

as for the other site thing, yeah, most likely. planning on a road trip all the way to Davao at the end of May. ^^

now we can definitely meet coz I will have all the time in the world. hehe ^^

Enrico Pangan said...

wow. almost missed this post i thought it was just a long article about the sky pictures. hehe.

unbelievable... the company asking you to resign. ungrateful b*st*rds!

MeemaX said...

hhuwwwaaatt?? last day na gud gipresent, baga!

sige go steph. samtang bata pa, sige go gyud.

SUN JUN said...


hehe ^^ see! that's why you should check the links all the time hehe ^^

this is nothing new right? haha ^^

well, my stay here has been great.
I think I made the most out of it. ^^


haha thanks ... don't feel so young anymore pero kaya pa kaayo ^^

mura naa mana dumot apil imo comment. hehe

brymac said...

you can't move forward unless you take a step. go stip!

Enrico Pangan said...

uy... stip is taking the next step. hehe.

SUN JUN said...


thanks bry! inspired nga ako by you working at home e. hehe ^^ pero parang gusto ko muna maging bum ^^ hihi


uy! trying to be pwetic oh! hehe ^^

shiera said...

lawgawa anang mga tawhana oi...
way klaro.

sabagay, di man lisud for you mangita ug new job steph. Ilahang loss noh. hmph!

SUN JUN said...

hi shie! ^^ thanks 4 d vote of confidence hehe

grace said...

Hey! You are FINALLY leaving them? What took you so long? hehehe. Goodluck steph and you have the vote of confidence from me!

grace said...

I love your car by the way! I am getting one myself, probably a Nissan X-trail or Pathfinder, soon!

SUN JUN said...


hi! thanks for the vote of confidence ^^

looking 4ward to your blogs about your car hihihi ^^