Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Singapore Zoo, Singapore
February 2007


cobalt said...

is this the one swimming to and fro in the underground aquarium?

it's so huggable! imagine diving with one?! :) hehe

SUN JUN said...

mahadlok ka! i think it'll try to eat you up! hehehe ^^

right beside the polar bear viewing area in the zoo there's an aquarium where they do their shows ^^

This one had to catch a live fish.
thanks for the post! milagro! hehehe

Mindy said...

nice pictures! :) what camera do u use? dapat sama ka pala sa mga outings namin para my pro-photographer kami hahaha :)

SUN JUN said...

I use a canon 350D ^^also known as the rebel XT ^^ kit lang, no special lenses and filters pa. ^^
thanks mindz